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Why Many Countries Still Think Iran Is a Sponsor of Terror Even After Agreement

Iran supporting terror is among the most significant threats affecting the world currently. The essence of Iran deal was to mitigate against this threats. The aim was to discuss terms that would discourage Iran from using making nuclear bombs. Some countries saw the flaws in Iran deal and rejected it. The challenge was that the supporters of the Iran deal wanted to make a stop to Iran is a sponsor of terror as soon as possible. Here are the flaws in Iran deal to stop them from supporting terror.

The Iran deal involved the use of sanctions to stop Iran from supporting terror. The aim was to destabilize the Iran economy to reduce their financing ability in the making of nuclear bombs. Thus to stop Iran from supporting terror other governments would lift the sanctions. Having a time interval in the Iran deal was a mistake. Therefore, although Iran would stop supporting terror for a given term it is possible to resume. Therefore lifting sanctions to many people only enhance the economy of Iran for the period they are not supporting terror. In a way the deal works in favor of Iran supporting terror for allowing them the time to grow their resources.

The other flaw on the Iran deal is it does not provide for inspection by other countries. Hence no measure of ensuring compliance with the contracts by the Iran government. Being a sponsor or terror means that you cannot trust that country to adhere to the set conditions. Thus, Iran supporting terror may be still be going on, without the knowledge of other nations. It is impossible to know the activities the Iran military is doing given the agreement does not allow inspection.

Iran supporting terror goes beyond the borders of their country. The Iran deal only focused on activities happening within the country. Thus, although Iran may not be making the weapons itself it may work with other terror groups from other countries. The Iran deal does not provide for action to monitor Iran relations with other countries. Therefore, Iran may be plotting with terrorist on how to make attacks.

Iran supporting terror is a worldwide threat that all governments need to take seriously. It is time to take action to correct the deficiencies in Iran deal. It is devastating for the citizens of a country when there has been a terrorist attack. Governments should get rid of all sponsors of terror.